About Us

scott sturrock

Scott Sturrock hard at work in our Perth office

Your Accounts² is a family business based in Perth.  At the heart of the company are Scott and Heather Sturrock, who set up the business in 1994, initially as a VAT Services company before expanding into other areas of accountancy. We always operate under the adapted principle

“Pay unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” …… but not a penny more!

Our speciality is the Retail Sector dealing with owners operating either single or multiple outlets, although we deal with all sectors of the business community. In our office we not only have accountancy experience but real business experience in the retail and licensed trade sectors. We differ in many ways from your traditional accountancy firm, although we offer every service you would expect.

What makes us different?

  • Fees are agreed in advance and guaranteed for 12 months
  • We are Retail Specialists
  • We cover the whole of Scotland
  • We will design a record-keeping system to meet your needs

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